The Waterboys

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One of the most underrated books of the last couple of years, review by WA author, Annabel Smith.

Peter Docker’s The Waterboys is both a historical novel and a speculative fiction, an adventure story and a contemporary myth or ‘dreaming’. The relationship between indigenous Australians and white settlers is made so new in Docker’s telling that the shock and horror of it hits you as if you are learning it for the first time.

Set simultaneously in the future and in a reimagined past, the novel tells the story of a young whitefulla named Conway, who has taken on the ways of the blackfullas. In a not too distant future in which whites control the nation’s water through a military-style corporation, Conway and his spiritual brother Mularabone are part of a movement waging guerrilla warfare on the whites, stealing the water and returning it to Country, where it belongs. Read More

First Bogan Words book launch

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My First 100 Bogan Words is a new book from those great connoisseurs of West Australian culture, Alex Manfrin & Malcom Dix. Including such essentials as Esky, Chiko Roll, Uggies, Hummer, Flanno & Keg, this children’s primer is a must for all new parents on Australia Day.

Crow Books is proud to be hosting the Official Launch on Australia Day this Sunday. Starts at 3pm so you’ll still have time to get down to the Sky Show afterwards! All welcome.

Where: Crow Books, 900 Albany Hwy, East Vic Park

When: 3pm, Sunday 26th

Reaching One Thousand by Rachel Robertson

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As part of the Glass of Wine and a Good Book series, WritingWA and Crow Books invite you to hear Rachel Robertson discuss her book and sample some Myattsfield wines.

Tuesday 22nd May, 7pm

All welcome

Rachel Robertson, author of the book, Reaching One Thousand: A Story of Love, Motherhood & Autism, will be in store at Crow Books to talk about her recent book. Reaching One Thousand is a mother’s moving and often amusing story of raising a child with autism.

Liz Byrski – glass of wine & a good book

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Part of the continuing series by WritingWA, Crow Books is hosting Liz Byrski Wednesday 7pm to talk about her new book, Last Chance Cafe.

Wine supplied by Arimia. All welcome!

Kris Kuksi: Divination and Delusion

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From further back Kuksi’s sculptures look serene, classically balanced gothic vistas. When you get up close, the detail and precision reveal unbelievable scenes, tense with action and passion. Made from detritus and waste, Kuksi’s work at first seems dark in a way similar to H R Giger, but the more you look the more it reminds you of Renaissance art, or Hieronymous Bosch, or Hindu temple art. Amazing.

Taking Punk to the Masses

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Taking Punk to the Masses: From Nowhere to Nevermind by Jacob McMurray

Taking Punk to the Masses documents the rise of punk from the 70s to mid-90s, particularly in the US. Using the extensive collection of photos, posters, playing bills from the Experience Music Project collection in Seattle, Jacob McMurray illustrates punk’s emergence out of the UK, to its breaking out in the Pacific Northwest with the release of Nevermind in late 1991. Read More

Skull Orchard Revisited: Art, Words & Music

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May sees the release of Jon Langford’sbook,  Skull Orchard Revisited. More known for his music, this book of Langford’s art, layered text & images, also includes a copy of a rare album, ‘Skull Orchard’ originally released in 2005 by a label that quickly went bust. As well as a collection of his art and lyrics, Revisited includes his first published fiction, a dystopian fable about a dolphin and a whale. Read More

Sand by Robert Drewe & John Kinsella

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It’s been a while since I finished a book, and then immediately picked it up and began reading it again. Sand is an unusual beast, a collection of Drewe’s prose interspersed with poetry by Kinsella. The book reflects on life growing up in and around Perth. Both remember Perth when it was really a sprawling town. Large tracts of bush and paddocks still existed amongst estates and a kid’s life was spent out about the coastal plains and around the river. Both Kinsella & Drewe demonstrate how indelibly these experiences mark a person. Read More

The Pale King by David Foster Wallace

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When Foster Wallace committed suicide in 2008, he left behind various notes, drafts, fragments, a rough structure of a novel set in the IRS (US tax department). The release date is scheduled for April 15, which Tax Day in the US! The novel is apparently about boredom, but from the dribs and drabs leaked so far the book looks promising for fans of Foster Wallace - if not complete. The novel’s central character, ‘David Foster Wallace’, rocks up to work as a trainee at the IRS. As he settles in and gets to know his fellow workers he finds himself immersed in a plot to eradicate what little semblance of humanity still remains in the bureacracy. Foster Wallace was never shy of tackling such a daunting subject and The Pale King sounds typically intriguing and, well, Foster-Wallace-ian.

Alan Moore: Storyteller

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Given the extent and quality of Alan Moore’s output since the late 70s, it is surprising how little he is recognised beyond the comic community. Alan Moore: Storyteller is the first account of Moore’s work to which he has contributed, and certainly the most definitive. Moore is one of the giants of visual storytelling culture, the author of seminal works V for Vendetta, Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Tom Strong, 2000 AD, Swamp Thing, Batman, Lost Girls, From Hell… the list is extraordinary. He has won Eisner Awards, Kirby Awards, Harveys even a Hugo. This survey of his work boasts new and unpublished material, photos, experimental projects as well as a CD of an Alan Moore spoken performance.

9781907579127 UK edition

9780789322296 US edition