Vintage Weddings: One Hundred Years of Bridal Fashion and Style by Marnie Fogg

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Beginning in 1900, Vintage Weddings, gives a decade by decade overview of wedding dress fashions and styles. Vintage Weddings is heavily illustrated with photos of period dresses and magazine illustrations and stills from the time. There is also considerable description giving relevant historical social context, describing ceremonies of the time and notable weddings of each decade.At the end of the book Marnie Fogg has included a wedding planner guide for each decade in an effort to ensure that any bride-to-be (or groom) attempts to create a period feel to their own wedding will be successful.

 Vintage Weddings is of obvious interest to those soon to be betrothed, wedding planners, and the like, but Fogg has compiled more than a wedding dress book, Vintage Weddings is a fashion history. Indeed, the foreword is by renowned English designer, Bruce Oldfield. Vintage Weddings follows in a very well-priced series that includes Vintage Shoes, Fashion and Knits.