A Visit from the Goon Squad

Posted on Jun 02 in Contemporary, Fiction, What We're Reading by

Winner of this year’s Pulitzer Prize for fiction, AVisit from the Goon Squad is a touching mosaic of love, loss, old friends and new acquaintances. The story begins with two people Bernie, a high powered music mogul and Sasha, his beautiful kleptomaniac assistant. Each has their own troubles and their own paths which take them through highs and lows, often crashing into other people’s lives. These side characters are by no means wall flowers and take on a life of their own as each person’s life is touched by Bernie and Sasha in some way and the results of theses interactions are surprising and often life changing.The stories plot spans decades from the 70’s to the near future, from Africa to America and lots of places in between. Though the story starts off with Sasha and Bernie it often jumps to different characters, countries or years with a speed that may sometimes leave the reader stunned and a little lost. However, the feeling of confusion from the sometimes abrupt scene change fades quickly and every side story is expertly written and seamlessly ties in with the overarching storyline. The writing is engaging and energetic, the characters flawed and complex and the overall story in entertaining and heart-warming with surprising connections that will make you double take again and again. A Visit from the Goon Squad is a captivating piece of fiction and may be the best book you read all year.

Rhiannon Emery