Skullface: Manifestations of Death in Popular Culture

Posted on May 04 in Contemporary, Design, Low Brow Art, Pop Culture by
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Why is contemporary pop culture fixated on skulls? Day of the Dead, skull tattoos, Damien Hirst, everyone’s into it. True to their schtick, Korero’s collection of skull manifestations in art is particularly focused on pop culture, covering poster art, tattoo design, pop-surrealism, and a bit of street. Despite the low-brow focus, the range and scope of skull images does provide an interesting mirror on contemporary fascinations.Skullface includes many of the low-brow art scene’s royalty (oxymoron?). Look out for Mike Giant, Ron English, Mitch O’Connel, Shawn Barber, Tara McPherson, Jeff Soto etc. As well as a few I wasn’t familiar with that were particularly cool, Mike Egan and Laurie Lipton in particular. Skulls, vampires, zombies … must be an apocalypse coming.