Keiko by Tomasz Gudzowaty

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The beaches and sandbars of Chittagong have become the wrecking yard of the world’s ships. Giant tankers are stranded on ten kilometres of beach then set upon by thousands of Bangladeshi workers, who manually dismantle these vessels for scrap – known as the shipwreckers. Tomasz Gudzowaty’s photography highlights the workers and their task, dwarfed by the vessels and working in now heavily polluted conditions. With its contrasting of men (and children) and awesome ships, highlighted by the Gudzowaty’s black and white tones, Keiko is a beautiful photography collection - made more poignant by the knowledge of the conditions.

Tomasz Gudzowaty visited the shipwreckers of Chittagong twice, in 2004 and 2005. Note: this was originally due to be published by Steidl as Shipwreckers but has mysteriously come out for a different publisher (Hatje Kantz) as Keiko?? hence the mis-matched cover pics!